Coal Posts 1-99

These pictures show various other coal posts around London that we’ve found or been given photos of.

54: Near Kewferry Road, Northwood [Phil Wheeler]

(this one is really buried in the woods, near the county boundary footpath).

55: Rickmansworth Road, Northwood [Phil Wheeler]


65: Oxford Road, Uxbridge [Phil Wheeler]

68: River Colne Bridge, Cowley [Phil Wheeler]
69: Slough Arm, Grand Union Canal [Phil Wheeler]

77: Park Street, Colnbrook [Greg Martin]

78: Park Street, Colnbrook [Greg Martin]

Coal posts 77 & 78 are very close together:
81: Staines [Greg Martin]

82: Staines [Greg Martin]

84: River Park Road, Staines [Greg Martin]

86: The Hythe, Staines [Greg Martin]

88: Thames Side, Chertsey [Greg Martin]

89: Thames Side, Chertsey [Greg Martin]
90: Chertsey Bridge Road, Chertsey [Greg Martin]

91: Desborough Island, Weybridge [Greg Martin]

92: Desborough Island, Weybridge [Greg Martin]

93: Walton Lane, Walton [Greg Martin]

94: Walton Bridge, Walton [Greg Martin]

96: Thames Street, Sunbury [Greg Martin]

97: Sunbury Lock, Walton [Greg Martin]

98: Hurst Road, Molesey [Greg Martin]

The same post in 2008:

99: Walton Road, West Molesey [Greg Martin]

The same post in 2007: