Coal Posts 100-129

These pictures show various other coal posts around London that we’ve found or been given photos of.

100: Molesey Road, West Molesey [Greg Martin]

100b: Walton on Thames Water Works [Greg Martin]

103: Lower Green Road, Esher [Greg Martin]

104: Portsmouth Road, Esher [Greg Martin]

105: Littleworth Lane, Esher [Greg Martin]

106: New Road, Esher [Greg Martin]

107: Arbrook Lane, Claygate [Greg Martin]

122: Dorking Road, Ashtead [Greg Martin]

123: Pleasure Pit Road, Ashtead [Greg Martin]

124: Headley Road, Ashtead [Greg Martin]
125: Langley Vale Road, Epsom [Greg Martin]

126: Langley Bottom Farm, Epsom [Greg Martin]
127: Beaconsfield Road, Epsom [Greg Martin]

128: Walton Road, Epsom Downs [Greg Martin]

129: Old London Road, Epsom Downs [Greg Martin]

This post is located inside Epsom Racecourse by a road called Old London Road, which follows the bend of the racetrack.
However, old maps show Old London Road used to cut directly through the area on the alignment of a present day footpath.
This explains an anomaly. The coat of arms on the coal tax post is sideways to the present road instead of facing it, which make sense as it faces the route of the road as it was when the post was erected.